Don't worry no dead people here.


I don’t agree with Anita but death threats and shit are just ridiculous

She’s not gonna make a difference in gaming and she never will stop treating her like shes going to end the gaming industry by pointing out dumb shit in games that aren’t good

"Gaming Journalism"

There is so much commotion going on around the state of gaming journalism and I’m really not going to get into it.  If you know what I’m talking about you know what’s going on and if you don’t you’re probably better off not knowing.  

I really wanted to just give a huge shoutout and thank you to Joystiq.  Throughout all of the stories that have broken over the past few weeks, that primarily focus on social issues surrounding the video game industry, Joystiq has managed to maintain focus on gaming news.  Which is, quite obviously, news about games.  They are talking about new upcoming indie titles, new patches, updates, DLC and other things happening.  Preparing for PAX.  I even saw an article about Madden.  This is what “Gaming Journalism” is and should be about.  I want news about games.  What’s coming up, opinions on titles I have yet to play, just articles about the experiences that only come from gaming.

They have proved over they years that it possible to promote a professional, and focused atmosphere about games.  There are no “clickbait” articles.  The report on everything.  As I said, yeah even Madden.  That is what I want when I go to a website that writes articles on games.  I want articles ABOUT GAMES.  They know not everyone is going to read every article.  That’s fine.  Some people have no interest in Call of Duty and some people have no interest in StarCraft and some people have no interest in indie titles.  THAT’S OK.  It makes everyone individuals and Joystiq time and time again has catered to everyone.

Thank you, Joystiq.  You really do make everything seems like it’s going to be ok.

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